Kristian Goddard

Exhibition Dates: April 13 - May 20 

Kristian Goddard | Revolution Mill

Artist Bio

Kristian Goddard | Central Gallery

Kristian Goddard is a British graphic artist based on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. His abstract geometric paintings have been featured in the television show Mad Men, and published in Time Magazine and the book Dazzle: Disguise and Disruption in War and Art. As a graphic designer he has produced projects for musicians Scott Walker, Lou Reed, Minutemen, Geneva Jacuzzi and L.A. Witch. He has also worked closely on collaborative projects with filmmakers Stephen Kijak and Ric Burns. He recently designed print ads for Magnolia 

Pictures/HBO’s The Final Year, a documentary about Barack Obama’s last year in office. He has toured Europe and America as a musician playing drums with Scout Niblett and has recorded with artists Daniel Johnston and Will Oldham.

Kristian has been a collector of images for over twenty-five years, from found thrift store photographs to vintage magazines. False Flags: A Visual Remix is inspired by his love for pure aesthetics and the way images can create certain moods when combined. For example, a blue square is no longer seen as just a blue square when pushed next to a square of a different hue. Using a grid template, False Flags: A Visual Remix playfully sparks the imagination and encourages phantasy.