Rankin Willard

Exhibition Dates: FEBRUARY 1 - MARCH 10

Rankin Willard  |  Central Gallery show at Revolution Mill

Artist’s Statement:

My newest series of collages began with my interest in fine art and antiquities auctions. The way valuable objects are displayed for these sales and more specifically for the sales catalogues was the jumping off point for the group of “Vase” collages. Subsequently the “Shell” collages explore how this desire to display valuable objects translates to luxury home decor. Finally, the “Golden Age” collage depicts the display of what we now think of as everyday objects that were once so symbolic of wealth that they would be preserved in a second luxury item, an original commissioned painting, whose sole purpose was to communicate the owner’s status and power.

The series title comes from a new trend where auction houses choose not to publicly release the estimates for their most high profile lots.

Full size prints of the pieces in this series will be available on my website (www.RankinWillard.com) and visitors to this show will receive a 20% discount with the code “Revolution”.

”Color Therapy” Series:

Did you know there is a channel dedicated to showing couples counseling? It’s called HGTV.

My "Color Therapy" series abstracts a couple's discussion on what color to paint a wall in their home. They stand back looking at the patches of color samples dashed in front of them and their comments bounce from the mundane to the funny to the philosophical.

How we share and decorate our homes is an extremely personal endeavor and sharing that journey can make it even more...interesting.


Rankin Willard is a multidisciplinary artist with an emphasis in paper collage. His style spans figurative, pop art, and minimalism with pieces often containing a bit of dark humor. While choosing not to pursue a traditional studio art major at university, he incorporated photography, sculpture, art history, scene design, architectural history, and pop culture theory into an individualized path that all impact his current work.

Past pieces have appeared in the publications Interior Design, Good Housekeeping, Designers Today, and Parents Magazine, as well as online at Vogue.com, ElleDecor.com, and CrateBarrel.com.

His work is held in private and corporate collections around the world from London to Australia, including by high profile collectors like fashion designer Christian Siriano, supermodel Coco Rocha, and tv personality Clinton Kelly.

Find him on Instagram at @RankinWillard or online at www.RankinWillard.com.