Sallie White

Exhibition Dates: march 15 - April 21

Sallie White, In the Presence of Absence

Artist’s Statement:

The genesis of this work was born out of a string of days spent on retreat in the NC mountains, a primitive log cabin providing escape from the noise and distractions of daily life. In the presence of absence, light and shadow played in surprising ways; the nuance of form took on new meaning; and the past and present became one.


Sallie White’s approach to painting is informed by early lessons in loss and impermanence. Working with a variety of materials, she builds and deconstructs in layers, scraping away the safe and conspicuous in an effort to extract the truth buried deep beneath the surface. “One can either resist or instigate change; I choose the latter. My finished paintings are the survivors of many battles, resting on the bones of buried pretense.”

White’s work does not aim to be representational, but often conjures feelings and memories for the viewer. “I believe that art allows us to connect in a profoundly personal way with others, illuminating universal truths and experiences.”

Sallie White lives and works in Greensboro, North Carolina.