1250 Gallery

GALLERY HOURS: 11am - 6pm, Monday - Friday

The design conceived for this gallery was inspired by a desire to both feature the angular geometries found throughout the historic mill building and to set off the vibrant red that has been used as the signature color of its renovation. To this end, the artist created a composition in which interlocking and overlapping bands fit together to create an array of rectangles, diamonds, and bisected squares. And, he used a cool palette of greens and blues to contrast with and give greater definition to the hot red of the duct work overhead.

The dynamism and responsiveness of Marshall’s work made him the ideal artist to launch the first in a series of ongoing collaborations between Revolution Mill and the Weatherspoon Art Museum. This exciting project will remain on view into 2017, and further collaborative projects between Revolution Mill and the Weatherspoon Art Museum, UNCG are in the works.