Revolution Mill Announces Major Anchor Tenant

Thursday Revolution Mill announced it's first major tenant will be LT Apparel Group.

"LT has been a leader in the textile industry for over 50 years and we couldn't be more excited to welcome them here,” said development manager Micah Kordsmeier.

Once a textile plant, the new space will house the designers who create products for Adidas and Carhartt children's lines in the United States.

"What we do is we design all of the apparel while taking into account inspiration from the parent companies because we want some consistency with the brand,” said Anne Garvey, the Adidas and Carharrt Kids Division President. “We do all of the design and all of the artwork."

Although the company is based in New York, it's had ties to the Gate City for several years.

"About 12 years ago they purchased a division of VF Corporation it was called, 'VF Playwear' and specifically it was the brand Healthtex. Healthtex has been in Greensboro since 1990,” said Garvey.

For Garvey, being able to work in the mill is a dream come true.

"It's come full circle for me because the first time I visited Greensboro was to visit Cone Mills and now to be working in the mill it is exciting."

Keeping the building's roots in tact was part of the developer's key goals.

"Textile mills in Greensboro were really the centers of the community and the economy,” said Kordsmeier. “The mills grew up and housed thousands of workers and they built whole neighborhoods around them and the whole community revolved around that mill and that's something we're really trying to do here as well."

By 2017 company leaders said the Greensboro area can expect job opportunities within the corporation.