8 great public bathrooms in Greensboro

Photo: Property of 1808 Greensboro

Photo: Property of 1808 Greensboro

In honor of April Fool’s Day, we decided to have a little fun with this column. This month, we are noting our favorite bathrooms in Greensboro. Yes, it is entirely from a female perspective. And yes, it is entirely foolish.

1. Any Quaintance-Weaver property: Each is distinctive, reflecting the unique vibe of each restaurant or restaurant/hotel. We love the large black and white romantic posters at Lucky 32 (1421 Westover Terrace) and the contemporary style of Printworks Bistro (702 Green Valley Road). The understated elegance at Green Valley Grill (622 Green Valley Road) pairs well with its surroundings. The walls hold richly framed art work, and real flowers adorn the sink.

2. Vigilante Crossfit (1819 E. Spring Garden Street): It’s a guy’s kind of gym. With barbells and ropes. Metal lockers and wooden benches. And yet, the bathroom is really nice — and clean — for such a gritty gym. And the step-in, glass-encased shower is pretty cool too. Don’t worry it’s a single bathroom, not one for multiple users.

3. Josephine’s (2417 Spring Garden Street): The ladies room is small and feminine. But what we really like are the complimentary toiletry items. Because sometimes you need to pick your teeth, and you can’t predict when you’re going to need a safety pin.

4. The Forge (115 West Lewis Street): It’s a makerspace with a “hard area” designated for metal and woodworking, and a soft space for collaboration and socializing. But to see what’s so amazing about its bathrooms, you must look up. The tin ceiling tiles are more than a century old, and they are beautiful.

5. Revolution Mill Events Center (1160 Revolution Mill Dr.): They’re clean and opulent and spacious. Each stall is privately secured with its own wooden door. And you’ve got to check out the brass monkey toilet paper holders.

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