Central Gallery

Current Exhibition: FeBRUARY 1 - MARCH 10

Our Central Gallery features rotating artist exhibitions across a variety of mediums. The Central Gallery is located at 1150 Revolution Mill Drive. It can be located on our campus map.

Willard - Headshot.jpg

My newest series of collages began with my interest in fine art and antiquities auctions. The way valuable objects are displayed for these sales and more specifically for the sales catalogues was the jumping off point for the group of “Vase” collages. Subsequently the “Shell” collages explore how this desire to display valuable objects translates to luxury home decor. Finally, the “Golden Age” collage depicts the display of what we now think of as everyday objects that were once so symbolic of wealth that they would be preserved in a second luxury item, an original commissioned painting, whose sole purpose was to communicate the owner’s status and power.

The series title comes from a new trend where auction houses choose not to publicly release the estimates for their most high profile lots.

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